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Add: Li Quezhenï¿¡? County Guangrao , Dongying, Shandong, China
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Dongying Dafeng Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in July, 2008. Located in Guangrao County in Dongying city (the youngest modern industrial city in Yellow River Delta), Dafeng enjoys good location for we are close to Jiqing expressway, and only 230km and 130km to Qingdao harbor and Jinan international airport.

Covering an area of 24,000sqm, Dafeng now is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and trade of pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide intermediates and fine chemicals. There are 59 employees, including 5 senior engineers (who have been working in the research of acyl chloride series of products for 10 years) and 15 technicians.

Quality is number one priority to Dafeng, we lay great stresses on the quality control and inspection.There are complete set of inspection facilities in our technical department, including HPLC, GC, spectrophotometer and moisture meter, etc; all the staffs in QC and analysis departments have had the college education of chemistry.

We now have the good ability to control all procedures from production and inspection to delivery efficiently, because we have established a well-operated management system.

Now, we mainly produce acyl chloride series of products, including Pivaloylchloride, Chloropivaloyl Chloride, pivalic acid, Chloroacetyl chloride, Propionyl chloride, butyryl chloride, 2-Chloropropionyl chloride, Acetyl Chloride, Ethyl chloroacetate, Methyl chloroacetate , Neopentyl glycol, Dichloroacetyl chloride, Trichloroacetyl chlorine and so on. Moreover, we are a trader of hydrochloric acid, aniline, Dichloromethane and chloroform, etc.

At present, we monthly can produce 300T Chloroacetyl chloride, 500T Pivaloylchloride, 350T Ethyl chloroacetate, 200T Methyl chloroacetate, 350T Dichloroacetyl chloride, 300T Trichloroacetyl chlorine and 200T Chloropivaloyl Chloride.

Dafeng is a licensed importer and exporter, thus we can import and export products independently, and become an agent of your products and technologies.

Now, Dafeng is able to provide one-stop service from research, production and trade to export, thus we have the good ability to be a reliable business partner of you in China.

Taking "quality-based, quality supreme, honest service" as philosophy and upholding such business idea of "Be aspiring, creative, exploring and enterprising", Dafeng strives to offer customers quality products and excellent service. We are looking forward to cooperating with you for creating a bright future together! 

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